Matt Gray, Jr.

Matt Gray (he/him/his) has spent the last 5 years teaching Ethnic Studies courses for 9th and 11th grade students. Throughout the years he has continuously sought out and implemented strategies and curricula into his coursework that convey the importance and value of action civics and social emotional learning (SEL). In fully realizing the true essence of SEL -- to equip all humans with the necessary knowledge and tools to assist them in leading healthier lives -- he grew his passion to be of service for not only his students but fellow coworkers in their search for healthier, more fulfilling lives. From his work with nationally recognized action civics non profit, Generation Citizen, to his work as the lead designer for several series of professional workshops and community events that centered around SEL for all members of his school community, Matt has remained dedicated to helping to improve the lives of others around him. In 2020 his hard work was acknowledged as he was invited to be a fellow at Teach for America's School Leadership Learning Lab: an opportunity that would allow for him to expand his impact in education even further. By embarking on this endeavor and carefully crafting his skills as a classroom teacher, he has successfully married the coursework of Ethnic Studies with the tenets of action civics and SEL, providing for a classroom experience that truly seeks to assist in fostering the growth of his students as human beings who are not mere bystanders in their existence in their communities and this planet, but actively engaged, emotionally healthy participants in a global society.