2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit
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2019 Featured Speakers

The 2019 featured speakers discussed key topics such as SEL and the Global Movement; Civil Society, Citizenship, and SEL; Building a Culture of Equity through SEL; The Future of Work; and Reimagining Boys in the 21st Century.

Speaker - Brackett
Dr. Marc Brackett
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Speaker - Branch
Ashanti Branch
Founder and Executive Director
Ever Forward Club
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Speaker - Brooks
David Brooks
New York Times
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Speaker - Darling-Hammond
Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond
President and CEO
Learning Policy Institute
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Speaker - Duraiappah
Dr. Anantha Duraiappah
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Speaker - Englar-Carlson
Dr. Matt Englar-Carlson
California State University, Fullerton
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Speaker - Guerra
Dr. Nancy Guerra
Dean, School of Social Ecology and Professor, Psychology and Social Behavior
University of California, Irvine
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Speaker - Hess
Dr. Rick Hess
Resident Scholar and Director of Education Policy Studies
American Enterprise Institute
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Speaker - Howard Scott
Lily Howard Scott
Author and Third Grade Teacher
Beauvoir Elementary School
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Speaker - Ishida
Taryn Ishida
Executive Director
Californians for Justice
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Speaker - Jackson
Dr. Janice Jackson
Chief Executive Officer
Chicago Public Schools
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Speaker - Mayo
Dr. Merrilea Mayo
Mayo Enterprises, LLC
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Speaker - Miyamoto
Koji Miyamoto
Senior Economist
Education Global Practice
World Bank
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Speaker - Parry
Louka Parry
CEO and Founder
The Learning Future and Executive Committee
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Speaker - Rivera
Roberto Rivera
Chief Liberation Officer
Pain to Propane Project
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Speaker - Ryan
Tim Ryan
13th District of Ohio
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Speaker - Shriver
Dr. Tim Shriver
Special Olympics and Board Chair
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Speaker - Simmons
Dr. Dena Simmons
Assistant Director
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Speaker - Srinivasan
Meena Srinivasan
Executive Director
Transformative Educational Leadership
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Speaker - Uzeta
Jaime Uzeta
Public Allies
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Speaker - Way
Dr. Niobe Way
Professor of Developmental Psychology at NYU and Founder of the Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity (pach.org)
New York University
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