Social and Emotional Learning Exchange Virtual Summit
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We are in a moment that has called into focus who we are, how we take collective action to create positive change, and how we connect to one another. To impact our schools and communities, let's start with ourselves.

By committing to social and emotional learning (SEL), we can promote healthy identity development, agency, and belonging for all young people within and across social categories. Let’s commit to SEL to build a more just and caring world, together.


Step 1: Read the Together for SEL Pledge

Step 2: Sign on to commit to the pledge

Step 3: Invite your network to join you. Record the pledge and post the video on social media (@2020SELExchange, #Together4SEL)

I pledge to contribute to a caring, just, and thriving world by prioritizing social and emotional learning for myself and others.

I will examine my own emotions, identities, beliefs, and biases to understand how they impact the way I interact with others.

I will create spaces for others to explore their emotions, strengths, and assets, and how they can be channeled to serve the collective well-being.

I will listen to young people, elders, and those who are different from me.

I will work to build meaningful relationships so that I can better understand others’ perspectives, experiences, cultures, and stories.

I will create inclusive environments where everyone feels a sense of belonging and where young people find purpose and passion.

I will work alongside others to identify and dismantle inequities, stand up to injustice, and use our collective voice and power to create spaces where everyone thrives.

I will use: my power, my privilege, my time, my work, my influence, my lived experience, my love, my passion, my energy, and my resolve.

Because, when we commit to social and emotional learning, we can build stronger schools and communities today, and a more just and caring world tomorrow.

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Collective Commitment from SEL Champions