2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit
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This past year raised important questions. What does it mean to participate as engaged, responsible, and caring members of a community? What will it take to develop empathy, critical thinking, and problem solving so that we can live, work, and thrive together in a diverse community?

Young people are responding and stepping forward with insights and ideas to help shape a brighter, more just future. Join us at the 2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit to engage with youth, educators, researchers, and community partners. Let’s leverage the power of SEL to move beyond talk and build tomorrow together.

Join us this year and you will…

See how young people are leading the way. The 2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit is your opportunity to learn from the wisdom and enthusiasm of youth. You will gain practical ideas about when and how to lead, to follow, and to join them on their journey.

Feed your desire to contribute to something bigger. The sessions will address how you can activate SEL to create conditions with young people where they can find their sense of purpose and channel their strengths towards achieving personal and collective goals.

Experience professional growth and inspiration. Join participants from around the world for four hours of synchronous learning. The 2021 SEL Exchange invites networking around shared interests, live Q&A with featured speakers, and engagement with challenging ideas that will resonate beyond the live experience.

Explore innovations at the intersection of research, practice and policy. The 2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit is designed to be meaningful for you, whether you are a researcher, practitioner, young person, parent, provider, policymaker, or community partner. The sessions will help you weave supports, strategies, and opportunities for all young people - everywhere, every day.


12:00pm ET 2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit Opens
12:30pm ET General Session
The Journey to Agency: Many Paths, One Destination
  Dr. Daren Graves, Harvard Graduate School of Education & Simmons College
Youth Speakers: Mariana Aguirre, Will Wolf, and Kaliah Yizar
1:25pm ET Sponsor Spotlights
1:40pm ET Featured Speaker Sessions
The Synergy of SEL and Civic Engagement: Research Insights for Action
  Dr. Robert Jagers

Dr. Joseph Kahne
University of California, Riverside
Dr. Antero Garcia
Stanford University
Dr. Emily Ozer
University of California, Berkeley

Brian Villa, MPH/MSW
University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Scott Seider
Boston College
2:30pm ET Sponsor Spotlights
2:45pm ET Featured Speaker Sessions
Moving Beyond Talk: Tools and Strategies for Building Tomorrow Together
  Dr. Shawn Ginwright
Flourish Agenda; San Francisco State University
Aija Simmons
Oakland Unified School District

Matt Gray

Teacher: Austin Achieve Public High School
Dr. Jamila Dugan
JD Learning Partners

Shane Safir
Listening and Leading for Equity

Jakaela Foster,
Dhruv Pai,
Zo Pancoast,
Matthew Wong
Youth Presenters
3:35pm ET Reflections and SELebrations
Dr. Timothy P. Shriver
3:50pm ET Community Closing
4:00pm ET 2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit Concludes

*Please note, programming is subject to change.

Made possible by SEL Champions

The 2021 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit is supported by organizations that are making a difference in communities nationwide. Our generous sponsors are dedicated to advancing SEL through innovative products and programs.

Don’t wait until the event to explore offerings that might meet your local needs. Learn more about our sponsors.


Thursday, October 14, 2021
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

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“I was lucky enough to attend the Virtual Summit with the focus on identity, belonging and student agency. After we listened to student voices, our team went away to try and really articulate what it was that we could do to make identity, belonging and agency more visible and explicit for our colleagues. It sparked a lot of our professional learning last year.”

– Marna MacMillan, Curriculum Coordinator at School District #43 (Canada) and 2020 Virtual Summit attendee

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